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*Isolates high quality genomic DNA in one hour from tissues and cells with a single monophasic reagent
*Can be used to back extract DNA from "Single Step Method " RNA Preps (i.e, RNAzol, RNA Bee, RNA Stat-60)
*Does not contain phenol
*RNA and proteins sequestered in organic and interphase; DNA remains in upper aqueous phase.

DNA STAT-60 (200 ml)

SKU: TL-4220
  • DNA STAT-60, a single monophasic reagent containing a chaotropic cell disrupter and a non-corrosive phenol free extraction reagent, replaces cumbersome, labor intensive methods of genomic DNA isolation. Following tissue or cell homogenization in the DNA STAT-60, and after the addition of chloroform, the homogenate separates into two phases: the aqueous phase and organic phase. The DNA remains in the aqueous phase while RNA and other cellular components, including proteins, are preferentially partitioned in the organic phase and interface. The DNA STAT-60 method does not require ultra centrifugation, and can be completed in under 1 hour. The DNA STAT-60 isolates high molecular weight genomic DNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, and bacterial origin and is particularly well suited for the simultaneous processing of multiple samples.  RNA and proteins are sequestered in organic and interface: DNA remains in upper aqueous phase. Protocol can be completed in 60 minutes.  Single monophasic reagent with extended shelf life. Does not contain phenol or hazardous organics.  Isolates genomic DNA from samples of human. animal, plant, yeast and bacterial origin. Can be used to back extract DNA from "SINGLE STEP METHODRNA preps (i.e. RNAzol B. RNA STAT-60).

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