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*Isolates total RNA and enriches for mRNA in <60 minutes.
*Extracts 30-150% more total RNA/mRNA than any other method.
*No additional purification is required for Northern blotting, molecular cloning, RNase protection or PCR.
*1 ml isolates RNA from 100 mg tissue or 10 x 106 cells.

RNA STAT-60 (50 ml)

SKU: CS-112
  • Recent progress in RNA isolation technology has made it possible to replace lengthy and laborious methods of total RNA isolation1 by a single-step method2.3 RNA STAT-60TM is a new and substantially improved version of the single-step method. It is a complete and ready to use reagent for isolation of total RNA from tissues and cells of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial, and viral origin. Extensive laboratory tests have shown that the RNA STAT-60 TM is highly reliable and produces very consistent results.  The composition of RNA STAT-60TM (patent pending) includes phenol and Guanidinium thiocyanate in a mono phase solution. A biological sample is homogenized in the RNA STAT-60TM using a glass-Teflon or Polytron homogenizer. Upon addition of chloroform, the homogenate separates into two phases: aqueous phase and organic phase.  The total RNA remains exclusively in the aqueous phase while DNA and proteins are extracted into an organic phase and interphase.  The total RNA is precipitated from the aqueous phase by addition of isopropanol, washed with ethanol and solubilized in waster.  The entire procedure for RNA isolation using the RNA STAT-60TM can be completed in 1 hour. This is the most effective method of RNA isolation. The recovery of undegraded mRNAs using the RNA STAT-60TM is 30-150% greater than with any other method of RNA isolation.


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